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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The "Original" Bowie Factor

Over at's sister site, I have recently posted both the song lyrics as well as the video for the song "Ashes To Ashes" by David Bowie. I have done this to help explain the show, mainly because very little is known at this stage about how the show will be. Well I'm not stopping there. Here at, I intend to bring you every little piece of trivia that I can.

This does not exclude the song lyrics, or the video from which the show took its name. I've called this post 'The "Original" Bowie Factor' for the obvious reason that Life On Mars came before Ashes to Ashes, both as a song, video and series. Another piece of trivia, unlike "Ashes To Ashes" which was released in 1980 not 1981 in which the spin off is set, "Life On Mars" was released in 1973. The 22nd of June, 1973 to be precise.

You may notice the lyric "Take a look at the Lawman, Beating up the wrong guy" this more than likely is where the writers (Matthew Graham, Tony Jordan & Ashley Pharoah), got their inspiration for Gene Hunt's character. At the very least, they used it for a name of a special feature on the Season One DVD box set. Any way here they are, the lyrics and video for your enjoyment.

LIFE ON MARS - David Bowie (1973)

It's a god-awful small affair
To the girl with the mousy hair
But her mummy is yelling "No"
And her daddy has told her to go
But her friend is nowhere to be seen
Now she walks
through her sunken dream
To the seat with the clearest view
And she's hooked to the silver screen
But the film is a saddening bore
For she's lived it
ten times or more
She could spit in the eyes of fools
As they ask her to focus on

Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man!
Look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the Lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

It's on America's tortured brow
That Mickey Mouse
has grown up a cow
Now the workers
have struck for fame
'Cause Lennon's on sale again
See the mice in their million hordes
From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads
Rule Britannia is out of bounds
To my mother, my dog, and clowns
But the film is a saddening bore
'Cause I wrote it
ten times or more
It's about to be writ again
As I ask you to focus on

[Mind the phone]

'Til next time Martians, peace. The next post will be the 50th on, if you haven't been counting from 42, so expect it to be big. Also don't forget for all the latest on Ashes To Ashes, head on over to for your fix of all things 1981 (at least Gene Hunt's 1981).


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