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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter On Mars

Happy Easter Martians / Lifers, from Instead of getting us all chocolate Sam Tyler's, the BBC have decided to give us the final episode of Life On Mars on Tuesday 10th of April 2007. After this and my final episode breakdown, the direction of the site will start to change focus.

A few posts back, I put up brief episode synopses of Season One to help you remember the series as a whole. I did this for two reasons, to refresh your memories of Sam's journey and also to help you vote in the poll. Well, I'm going to expand on them so as they end up like the Second Series ones.

In addition to this, I will start bringing you more news about the proposed spin off Ashes To Ashes. When or if it appears. I will also continue to bring you news about David E Kelly's US Re-imagining, as it comes to hand. Merchandise will no doubt continue to be released, and I will report on this to you as well.

All our questions about Sam will soon be answered. Will this be the end of Sam's adventures though? There are many stories about Sam, that could still be told. Perhaps novels bridging the gaps between episodes will appear. This has been the case with Doctor Who, why not Life On Mars? The count down now commences, 'til Sam's fate is known, Hyde is coming to get you . . . . . . . .


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