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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Fiftieth Post, Yay!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, Martians, Lifers, 73ers, etc . . . Today celebrates many things. Well 5 at least.

1) being around for 4 months,
2) reaching 50 posts,
3) just exceeding 6000 visits,
4) a newly redesigned site layout
5) still being around after the show has finished.

Well Martians there is still going to be news to tell, and as long as its relevant I will continue to bring it to you. Many of you out there have been saying to yourselves, 49th where's the 50th one, for the last 2 weeks. I'd been stalling, I confess. Amazingly enough though, all but 1 of those 5 things above happened today.

I have results for you from our recent Season One Poll, despite having extended the poll later past its close date hardly any of you out there bothered to enter. I don't know what it was, but those of you who did take that second to click then press vote made yourselves very clear. The most popular was Episode 8, closely followed by Episode 1. The first and last episodes of the season, next most popular was the fourth which is also the midway point of the season, weird.

In news, the Official Doctor Who site reports "Something Special" at the end of this weeks episode. The article features a picture (seen below) of John Simm smiling. Fans of John already know, as I have reported earlier that he has been cast as Mr Saxon who is running for Prime Minister in the series. It has been eluded to that John is also the Doctors oldest enemy, the Master in his latest regeneration. This has been confirmed by Philip Glenister, though Phil may have been joking.

The BBC are apparently doing this, to make up for the fact that it won't be on the following week. Hmm, wonder what it is? A mini episode featuring John? Maybe, maybe not, we'll find out tonight I guess. Also, before I go I would like to mention that we have a new poll up about Season Two this time. Please vote, you know you want to. 'Till next time, peace.


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