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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The "Original" Bowie Factor

Over at's sister site, I have recently posted both the song lyrics as well as the video for the song "Ashes To Ashes" by David Bowie. I have done this to help explain the show, mainly because very little is known at this stage about how the show will be. Well I'm not stopping there. Here at, I intend to bring you every little piece of trivia that I can.

This does not exclude the song lyrics, or the video from which the show took its name. I've called this post 'The "Original" Bowie Factor' for the obvious reason that Life On Mars came before Ashes to Ashes, both as a song, video and series. Another piece of trivia, unlike "Ashes To Ashes" which was released in 1980 not 1981 in which the spin off is set, "Life On Mars" was released in 1973. The 22nd of June, 1973 to be precise.

You may notice the lyric "Take a look at the Lawman, Beating up the wrong guy" this more than likely is where the writers (Matthew Graham, Tony Jordan & Ashley Pharoah), got their inspiration for Gene Hunt's character. At the very least, they used it for a name of a special feature on the Season One DVD box set. Any way here they are, the lyrics and video for your enjoyment.

LIFE ON MARS - David Bowie (1973)

It's a god-awful small affair
To the girl with the mousy hair
But her mummy is yelling "No"
And her daddy has told her to go
But her friend is nowhere to be seen
Now she walks
through her sunken dream
To the seat with the clearest view
And she's hooked to the silver screen
But the film is a saddening bore
For she's lived it
ten times or more
She could spit in the eyes of fools
As they ask her to focus on

Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man!
Look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the Lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

It's on America's tortured brow
That Mickey Mouse
has grown up a cow
Now the workers
have struck for fame
'Cause Lennon's on sale again
See the mice in their million hordes
From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads
Rule Britannia is out of bounds
To my mother, my dog, and clowns
But the film is a saddening bore
'Cause I wrote it
ten times or more
It's about to be writ again
As I ask you to focus on

[Mind the phone]

'Til next time Martians, peace. The next post will be the 50th on, if you haven't been counting from 42, so expect it to be big. Also don't forget for all the latest on Ashes To Ashes, head on over to for your fix of all things 1981 (at least Gene Hunt's 1981).


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Martian Merchandise

So far we've seen the release of the season one and season two dvd box sets, as well as a book (1973 Annual) and a soundtrack cd. A lot of you out there are saying that's not enough, I want tshirts, video games, toys, audio books and other stuff. Well part of that wish has come true.

The company "Size Does Matter" has come to the rescue with interesting interpretations of our favourite characters Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt. Currently they are offering online via their page, tshirts, mugs and key rings with various different captions. I would personally be hoping that they also offer warmer versions (long sleeve tshirts, windcheaters and jackets) as well, excellent start any way guys.

You can find all of the cool gear they have available at SizeDoes' Ebay Store. Lets hope the merchandise doesn't stop here. I am personally hoping for a second soundtrack cd and some of the "Hot Animation" characters, from the Camberwick Green sequence to be produced as figurines. They rock, come BBC people want 'em!

Whilst I speculate about merchandise, one thing for certain is the release of the complete series (seasons one and two) on dvd on the 24th of September 2007. It will be interesting to see if the dvd set includes additional special features over the individual season releases. Maybe it will have a sneak peek at Ashes To Ashes, while we all wait eagerly for its broadcast.

'Til next time, Martians peace. "Does anyone have any Garibaldies?"


Fancy some reading on Mars?

The kind people over at the BBC, have thankfully decide to post the script to the very first episode of Life On Mars in .pdf (Acrobat Document) format. You can grab a copy of it, from the "BBC Writers Room" site along with scripts to other shows including Doctor Who. Worthy of acquiring as a souvenir or to perhaps create your own version of LOM, or just simply re-live the magic.

A direct link to the script, can be found by following the link at the end of this post. With one version of LOM completed and another on its way soon, via the US re-imagining (I still hate that word) maybe Sam's journey will never end. You can participate in Sam's world now via the role play site, or download the script. Its your choice.

Life On Mars RP Site - LifeOnMarsRP

BBC Writers Room Site - LifeOnMars S1E01 Script

* please note - Adobe Reader 8 is required to view the script, and can be found


LifeOnMars.TV has a little sister?

Welcome all, a lot of you out there have been speculating about where this site will go now that Life On Mars has ended. Well, quite simply nowhere and everywhere. Don't you hate it when someone won't give you a straight answer? By that I mean, this site will continue to provide you all it has in the past. The focus will however be, strictly Life On Mars. That means (BBC) LOM Seasons One and Two, as well as the new US re-imagining (which is yet to air) by David E Kelley.

As for Ashes To Ashes, news regarding this will be mentioned but only in brief. For full comprehensive news covering the new spin-off, head off over to AshesToAshes.TV, for your fix of all things 1981. AshesToAshes.TV will cover the further adventures of Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) as well as Alex Drake (yet to be cast). So look at the two sites this way LifeOnMars.TV is the Sam Tyler Site (1973), AshesToAshes.TV is the Alex Drake Site (1981).

In other site news, I'd like to welcome the addition of LIFE ON MARS PR, this is a site created by Pop not myself (who is a frequent visitor as well as being a Blog partner with TORCHWOOD PR). Cheers Pop, I hope all goes well.

You may also notice a new addition to the site being, "Cyber Sites" well this explains itself. They're all sites by yours truly. Also there is now a LOM role playing site LifeOnMars RP, so head on over and check it out. A lot of the main characters have been taken, I'm Nelson (if any one's wondering) so be quick or you could end up being "Sticky Dickie Fingers" or DCI Morgan (the who destroyed Sams world).

I also need to mention the Season One site poll, in the links bar. The poll will close at the end of the month, so if you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for. For your convenience, there is a brief episode Breakdown of each episode linked underneath the poll for those who's memories are starting to behave like Sam Tyler's. Full Series One breakdowns, will be added shortly, along with a new Season Two poll. So come on guys, start clicking, you know you want to. . . . .


Monday, April 16, 2007


Hello people, just a quick note to remind you all that this week Canada gets the final episode of Life On Mars. So Canadians do you want the episode partially spoiled? Well I'm not going to do that. If you chose to look at the episode breakdown now, well you've done it to yourself.

Last week it screened on Tuesday in the UK, with an audience somewhere in the 10 million range. If you missed it, or didn't tape or disc it the usual BBC4 repeat is not on this week. It is instead replaced by Frontline Iraq, as if we don't hear enough about Iraq on the news already. If you did miss it the dvd boxset is out today of Season Two, so rush down to your local store and pick up a copy.

After all, Ashes to Ashes seems to have the green light now. This means a big wait until next January or February, to see the next installment of Gene Hunt's world (or is it Sam Tylers). I know I can't wait that long, my copy is probably getting packed as I speak. 'Till next time Lifers / Martians (I'll decide on a name for you all some day), peace and watch out for DCI Morgan. He may lead you astray.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Naughty, Naughty GUV!

In almost a scene from Life On Mars, Philip Glenister decided to play up to the cameras during a recent game of golf. After a few bevy's, which could of been from the Railway Arms our Phil decided to relieve himself in public. Well, pretend to anyway. Obviously Nelson never discovered the law book for the responsible serving of alcohol.

Phil, Phil, Phil, what will we do. The program, though now finished has recently received a bad rap by teachers in UK schools. The main concerns they have put forward, is its lack of political correctness. Gene's homophobic nature, is something they do not like about the show. They are teachers, they need something to complain about.

Obviously the teachers in question, must be under 25 as if they were older they would actually understand it. One of the main points behind the show, is to show people the differences between the two time periods and how far we've come. When I was in school, teachers used to complain about the rock band KISS stating they were servants of Satan. This is just really the 2007 version of the KISS complaining.

It seems now that Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister), has a line up of lovely ladies wanting to play the female lead in Ashes To Ashes. The number one bet at present, is on Thandie Newton from Mission Impossible II fame. Thandie is tipped to play DCI (2008) / DI (1981) Alex Drake. More on Thandie as it comes to hand.

Thanks again, need to be given to George Frangeskakis for alerting me to this story. Well spotted George, cheers. Maybe your brother Michael could send me something, seeing as he actually lives in England. 'Til next time Martians, peace and Phil keep it in your pants. I am sure the lovely ladies over at PHILIP GLENISTER INDEX may beg to differ though.

Award Glory For Our Heroes?

Nominations for 2007's illustrious B.A.F.T.A Awards, are now out. With no surprise at all, our favourite time-travelling cop drama has secured nominations in three different categories. The nominations include, Best Actor, Best Drama Series and the Pioneer Audience Award.

The awards will be very close, as the programs and actors nominated are all of an extremely high calibre. Lets keep our fingers crossed for John Simm, the production team (KUDOS) and the show in general. The contenders for each category, are listed below.


JIM BROADBENT - Longford (Channel 4)
ANDY SERKIS - Longford (Channel 4)
MICHAEL SHEEN - Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa! (BBC4)
JOHN SIMM - Life On Mars (BBC1)


LIFE ON MARS - Production Team (BBC1/Kudos Film & Television)
SHAMELESS - Production Team (C4/Company Pictures)
SUGAR RUSH - Production Team (C4/Shine Productions)
THE STREET - Jimmy McGovern, Sita Williams, David Blair, Ken Horn (BBC1/Granada Productions)



Last November, the Americans thought it appropriate to award Season One with an International Emmy. Will the show continue with its awards success? Lets hope so, I know everyone at JOHN SIMM ADMIRERS will be praying for a victory for John. But lets not stop it there. Matthew Graham, Ashley Pharoah and Tony Jordan have put together, one of the most riveting pieces of television in years. All I can say is, "Go for Gold, Life On Mars. You deserve the glory!"

'Til my next post, rears its head on the web. Peace Martians / Lifers and don't go jumping off buildings or having car accidents, because who knows where you could end up.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"42" or Season Two Episode Eight - Part One (The Breakdown)

Why has he added the 42 in front of the post title, you might be asking yourself. The answer is, this is the 42nd post on the site. Now you're saying to yourself, "so what, why is he celebrating such an odd numbered post?". Well Lifers / Martians besides being the title of an upcoming Doctor Who episode, the number is famous for another reason. If you are familiar with the writings of the late Douglas Adams, you will know the relevance it has to this post.

Besides just simply being the 42nd post, in the book, the film and mini-series of "The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy" 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything. So Douglas Adams wrote any way. As this is the final episode of the show, all yours and Sam Tyler's questions are answered. So once again, if you are from Canada, and you don't want the episode spoiled for yourself. Don't read on, you'll get to see it on the 18th of April in your country any way.

Now that all of that is explained, the episode in question. If you have already watched it, take the opportunity to look back at what fans thought may have been the outcome before it actually aired. Some are close, some are way off track, but all in all an entertaining read. You can find the guess work located at the website, right here. Thanks Pop, for the tip off.

The episode starts with the team investigating a murder of a miner. Gene deduces that it is the work of a famed cop-killer, and is intent on getting him before DCI Morgan (introduced in the previous episode) does. Sam gets more visions from 2006, as well as the usual "Hyde" banter. It is decided by Gene that he should go under cover and infiltrate the gang, to get to the cop-killer.

We learn Sam's mission (which was only disclosed to him this season) is to bring Gene down and that Sam is an agent for Morgan. Sam is told by Morgan, that his real name is Sam Williams. This was a very sneaky and curious move by the writers, as that was what Sams name originally was in the drafts for the pilot. The name was changed to Sam Tyler, at the request of the BBC.

Sam ends up not believing anything. With out spoiling it, all I will say is awesome piece of work guys. The ending turned fans expectations, inside out and twisted them. If you have not seen the episode yet, and you've read this far don't think its ruined for you. There are many other revelations I haven't mentioned, so watch it. You won't be sorry you did, you'll be in awe. 'Til next time Martians / Lifers, peace to all,


WOW!! plus poll reminder

Hi folks, just a few quick words to say thanks for visiting. I don't know how you you made it here, but thanks any way. In January this year I started this blog, with the main intention of simply just trying to get all the news I could find (about LOM) in the one place.

From slow beginnings, being the first 1000 visits to the site, took around 7 weeks. Since then however, it has gone from strength to strength. This week and yesterday especially, it has gone through the roof. So this post is really just to say, thank you. In the space of 6 days, this site has attained over 900 visits. Obviously this is due to the season finale this week, the breakdown for that will be posted as soon as I get home from work tonight.

For the time being though, I'll just say wow again. The episode was everything you could have possibly wanted for the series, and more. I am still on a natural high from it. A quick reminder also, the poll next to this post, it is for Season ONE not TWO. A Season TWO poll, will be next. 'Til I get home tonight, peace Lifers / Martians you all rock!


Monday, April 9, 2007

Who Wants To Win An Old Cortina?

News comes from the strangest of places, sometimes. In all my personal web scouring for news about Life On Mars, I seem to have overlooked this one. A friend of mine George Frangeskakis, who resides in Melbourne Australia where I live, alerted me to this fine competition.

The Daily Mail in the UK is currently offering one lucky winner (presumably a UK resident), the opportunity to win the famous Ford Cortina featured in our beloved series. The Cortina is featured in all 16 episodes of the series, and is sure to turn heads when you rock up to the next party in it. Officially the car is not from 1973, but 1975 and was given a 1973 grille to make it look more authentic, along with older number plates.

In all honesty, who would care if the car was made 3 years ago. Its been in every single episode of the series, and that's all the driver will ever care about. Of course insurance on such a one off, would be quite high. But hey, Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt chased crooks in it, so insurance would be the last thing on your minds.

Any way to enter the competition, you can either ring in to register on 0904 043 5016 (calls are charged at £1.50, with £1.00 being donated to Comic Relief) or if you are tight and don't like giving money to charity, you can also enter via email. The original article is posted here. So head on over to the Daily Mail and enter, I would if I could. 'Til next time Lifers / Martians, peace and thanks George, cheers.


Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter On Mars

Happy Easter Martians / Lifers, from Instead of getting us all chocolate Sam Tyler's, the BBC have decided to give us the final episode of Life On Mars on Tuesday 10th of April 2007. After this and my final episode breakdown, the direction of the site will start to change focus.

A few posts back, I put up brief episode synopses of Season One to help you remember the series as a whole. I did this for two reasons, to refresh your memories of Sam's journey and also to help you vote in the poll. Well, I'm going to expand on them so as they end up like the Second Series ones.

In addition to this, I will start bringing you more news about the proposed spin off Ashes To Ashes. When or if it appears. I will also continue to bring you news about David E Kelly's US Re-imagining, as it comes to hand. Merchandise will no doubt continue to be released, and I will report on this to you as well.

All our questions about Sam will soon be answered. Will this be the end of Sam's adventures though? There are many stories about Sam, that could still be told. Perhaps novels bridging the gaps between episodes will appear. This has been the case with Doctor Who, why not Life On Mars? The count down now commences, 'til Sam's fate is known, Hyde is coming to get you . . . . . . . .


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Season Two Episode Seven - Part One (The Breakdown)

I usually don't do this, but this time around I'm going to start this "Breakdown" with a warning. To all our Canadian visitors, read the previous post not this one. Why because you'll otherwise partly spoil this weeks episode. That's right folks, Canada is only trailing the UK by one episode. This week you find out what ultimately happens to Sam Tyler, our Canadian friends will find out next week. Life On Mars screens Wednesdays at 10.00pm, on BBC Canada.

Now that's out of the way, the "Breakdown". We start in a courtroom for a change, instead of Sam's dreams where Gene is acting as a witness for the prosecution. The case in court, centres on an assault. The victim feels intimidated in court and ends up denying the beating, the case is then thrown out.

Gene is majorly pissed, and that's in both senses of the word. Angry and drunk. He decides to stumble over to the perpetrators house and starts screaming abuse at him. Sam arrives on the scene to pick up Gene, but in the confusion Genes gun goes missing. After leaving with Sam, Gene decides to go back to retrieve his gun. Falls asleep at the perpetrators house, only to wake up and find him murdered.

Of course Gene is then suspected, he had motive, may be. All of this sets the scene for the episode. It was interesting to see a Gene-centric episode, I quite liked it. Perhaps it was a taste that the BBC was giving us, of what to expect from Ashes to Ashes. The clothes will obviously be different, but you know what I mean. Hmmm, here's hoping.

Some interesting moments in the episode are when at different stages, we get to see both Annie, then Gene wearing a "Safety Squirrel" costume. Sam is also given an indication that he will be going home soon, this comes from DCI Morgan. Morgan is an overseer put on from Hyde because of Genes' predicament.

As the episode progresses, we find Gene becoming the prime suspect in another murder. Of course Gene is proven innocent in the end, but I'm not going to explain to you how it happens. You should know already. If you don't, remember the dvd box set of Season Two is released on April the 16th.

Right now, if you pre-order it from, you get it for only £25.89 when its released. A saving of £14.10, now that's worth it. I got my order in, I can just see it next to my copy of Season One right now. 'Til next time Lifers / Martians, may peace and memories of '73 be with you.


Season Two Episode Six - Part One (The Breakdown)

Episode Six opens with Sam having vivid dreams of Maya, his girlfriend back in 2006. We then jump back to 1973, to find the team at the scene of a 'supposed' homicide. I say supposed because the victim was actually still alive, this was only noticed by Annie. The victim though was in dire need of medical attention, as he had a large gunshot wound in the chest.

The victim was found to be in possession of heroin, so the team decide to investigate the possibility of it being drug related. Deepak was the name of the Ugandan-Asian victim, he was record shop owner who shared his business with his brother Ravi. Sam and Gene interview a local drug dealer "Rocky", after Rocky is persuaded to co-operate by a local vigilante by the name of "Toolbox".

Rocky tells Sam and Gene, Ravi had his brother sorted out because he was getting too greedy. The body count from overdoses reaches 7, and the team decides they must act quick before any more occur. They capture and interview Ravi, while this is going on Deepak gets stabbed in hospital and dies. Basically clearing Ravi of the attack on Deepak, as it turns out Rocky was simply providing a diversion and was actually in league with Toolbox.

All in all a very strange episode, with Sam having visions of Maya in even weirder places than his usual visions. This eventually leads Sam into finally letting go of Maya, and allowing her to get on with her life. We also have another odd connection between 1973 and 2006, Maya's mother is actually the girlfriend of Deepak. Whats totally strange is the fact that Sam is ultimately responsible for naming Maya.

Well, it was late again the next review being for Episode Seven will be up in a couple of hours, I won't break my promise this time. Then we'll finally be back up to date. 'Til the next post, see ya later Martians.


Friday, April 6, 2007

Series One Refresher and Stuff

Hello everyone, a lot of you out there are probably thinking has he gone nuts? Me, that is. Why? Well I've just posted a new poll about your favourite Series One episode, with only one episode left to screen of Season Two. The answer to that is, no I haven't. I have done this now, because I can't do one for Season Two until its finished. I will be doing one for Season Two after the series has finished.

Anyway to refresh your memories of Season One, if it all now seems a bit vague here is a brief run down of each episode. After all how can you vote in the poll, if you can't remember what they were about. Before I get into them however, I would like to send a big thank you out to the girls over at PHILIP GLENISTER INDEX.

The lovely Fran and Paula, have kindly just linked to The two of them together run an awesome site, totally dedicated to our Phil. Phil is now "officially" cool, thanks to a recent online poll. But we always knew that anyway.

Now, the brief rundowns of each Season One episode. I will at a later date, do some much more extensive ones. That will be after after Season Two has ended, however. For the time being though, here are the cut down ones.


Episode One: We meet DCI Sam Tyler in 2006, he has a car accident whilst in pursuit of a kidnapper. When Sam awakes, its 1973 and he's only a DI. We meet his new boss DCI Gene Hunt, Ray and the "agreeable" Chris, also the lovely WPC Annie Cartwright. Sam amazingly enough, finds a connection between a murder in 1973 and the kidnapping of his girlfriend in 2006.

Episode Two: Sam and Gene butt heads over a criminal. Gene wants to plant evidence to convict the criminal, Sam thinks otherwise. A woman gets caught in crossfire, as a result of Trent (the criminal) being released. Sam mops her blood off the street with his jacket, at Genes request.

Episode Three: Sam goes to a textile factory with the team, to investigate a murder. The factory eventually gets turned into apartments, which is where Sam lives in 2006. Genes method of catching the crook, is the first to speak did it. Sam has other ideas, eventually discovering that it is not a murder at all, but a cover-up instead for an industrial accident.

Episode Four: A local nightclub owner and police informant "Stephen Warren", is using stand over tactics and extortion across the city. Gene permits this because Warren keeps the streets clean. Sam won't stand for it and sets out to put Warren away. He is distracted when he runs into his mother as a young woman.

Episode Five: Sam, Gene and Annie go under cover as bartenders to solve a soccer related murder. The team are under very tight time restraints, to solve the crime. There is a big game on Saturday, which they believe will turn into a bloodbath if they don't.

Episode Six: In 2006 Sam's life support is about to be switched off, whilst in 1973 a local newspaper is under siege. Sam's flashbacks / daydreams, lead him to believe if he saves the hostages he will save himself. He has to save the hostages by 2.00pm or the hostages will be shot.

Episode Seven: Sam leads an investigation into a death in custody, with alarming results. He discovers after digging through a web of deceit, that Ray is the cause. When Sam gives his findings to Gene, Ray gets demoted and Sam finds corruption is deep within the station.

Episode Eight: Sam runs into his father during a murder investigation. It turns out Vic Tyler is involved with the porn industry, which he does behind Sam's mothers' back to pay the bills. Sam unravels what some of his flashbacks / daydreams mean. One of them involves Annie.

So now there's no reason why you can't enter the poll. So what you waiting for, the polls under the site counter. You can do it, you know you want to. The site counter incidentally, has just past 3100 visits. Not bad for fan site, in three short months. 'Til next time Lifers / Martians, or whatever you would like to be called, peace.


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

First LOM Poll Results

Well Lifers / Martians, results are in. Not a very promising turnout, with a total of only 58 votes. The people who did bother to vote, thank you for your input. The end result to this poll, could have been given on the fourth day the poll was up. As, it didn't really change from that point onwards.

the breakdown of the poll went as follows . . . . . . . . . . .

A resounding win for the "No" voters. Of the people that voted "other", which was only 3, the responses went as follows.

a) Poo!
b) Have you seen Boston Legal?!?
c) The US might need it because it might not all make sense over there.

Obviously (a) was offended by the question, completely. (b) thinks I don't like David E Kelley's work and (c) feels Americans wont understand it. Well as I have said earlier I am Australian, this means I speak English but have a different accent. The same also applies for Americans, the UK version is shown in the US anyway. As for David E Kelley, I adore his original material, it truly is great viewing. The "Poo", well that belongs in the toilet.

My whole view on the idea, is the old idiom "if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!". Doctor Who is not re-made in the US, nor is it re-made in Australia, New Zealand or Canada. At best it is sometimes subtitled or re-voiced in a foreign language. It is this way for a reason, people appreciate the original.

People appreciate the subtlety, humor, drama and everything else that Life On Mars exudes. The show is loved everywhere, it does't need to be re-made. It is going to be though, well, at least a pilot at this stage. All I can say is, I'll be curious to see it. More on the US Re-make soon.

The Poll has now been replaced by a new one, asking you your favorite Series One episode. I encourage you all to participate in this one also, once this has closed we'll ask the same of Season Two. That's planning for you. The closing date for the new poll is the 30th of April. 'Til next time Martians, peace . . . . . . .


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