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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Season Two Episode Six - Part One (The Breakdown)

Episode Six opens with Sam having vivid dreams of Maya, his girlfriend back in 2006. We then jump back to 1973, to find the team at the scene of a 'supposed' homicide. I say supposed because the victim was actually still alive, this was only noticed by Annie. The victim though was in dire need of medical attention, as he had a large gunshot wound in the chest.

The victim was found to be in possession of heroin, so the team decide to investigate the possibility of it being drug related. Deepak was the name of the Ugandan-Asian victim, he was record shop owner who shared his business with his brother Ravi. Sam and Gene interview a local drug dealer "Rocky", after Rocky is persuaded to co-operate by a local vigilante by the name of "Toolbox".

Rocky tells Sam and Gene, Ravi had his brother sorted out because he was getting too greedy. The body count from overdoses reaches 7, and the team decides they must act quick before any more occur. They capture and interview Ravi, while this is going on Deepak gets stabbed in hospital and dies. Basically clearing Ravi of the attack on Deepak, as it turns out Rocky was simply providing a diversion and was actually in league with Toolbox.

All in all a very strange episode, with Sam having visions of Maya in even weirder places than his usual visions. This eventually leads Sam into finally letting go of Maya, and allowing her to get on with her life. We also have another odd connection between 1973 and 2006, Maya's mother is actually the girlfriend of Deepak. Whats totally strange is the fact that Sam is ultimately responsible for naming Maya.

Well, it was late again the next review being for Episode Seven will be up in a couple of hours, I won't break my promise this time. Then we'll finally be back up to date. 'Til the next post, see ya later Martians.


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