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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Rules Of Modern Policing x2

I suppose you are all wondering what the times 2 stands for, aren't you? Well if you already know, skip the next couple of lines in this post. The times 2 on the end of the post title, basically stands for the 2 different versions of this stunning new book by Gene. When Season 2 commenced in Britain, this book was released as promo for the series (it only had a few pages in it and had a green cover). The book has now been re-released so to speak as a 128 page book, supposedly authored by Gene himself. Well Phil did you write it? I suspect not, in fact I know not the book was actually written by Guy Adams. Guy is the man responsible for the (well one of them) seasons one and two companion books, which are currently available.

"The Rules Of Modern Policing"
Original Version (GREEN) - New Version (BROWN)

Both versions of the book come with authentic coffee stains, for increased realism. The new version was released on the 8th of October 2007, the original I suspect was released on 13th of February. I sincerely doubt it was in 1973 though. The original will more than likely become a collectors item. If you are interested in getting yourself a copy of the original, there are several for sale on (at present) at quite reasonable prices. Mark from Tardis & Torchwood Treasures (or TATT for short) has quite graciously sent in a copy of the poster, currently being used to advertise the new version of the book in bus shelters. For those of you interested in Doctor Who as well as LOM, Mark has quite an exceptional site which is well worth your investigation. The site is generally updated daily, so is always current unlike many other WHO sites. Below you can see the ad in all its glory, thanks Mark.

British Bus Shelter Advertisement
for "The Rules Of Modern Policing"

The book is available at all the usual outlets online, Amazon, BBCShop, etc and of course not forgetting (as in the poster) W H Smith. Will you be getting a copy? I know I will. 'Til next time Martians peace and remember if you're going to do it, do it by the book.


The 80th Post

Sorry once again Martians for the lack of posts. For the last couple of weeks I have been very sick with the flu, and have not really felt like doing anything other than sleeping. Thankfully I am now over that, and ready to bring you all the news you've all been waiting for (I hope). In the interim (during my sickness) many site patrons have forwarded video's, pictures and there get well soon messages to yours truly. Thank you all, it has been most appreciated.

As you all would be aware I have taken on many blogs during the course of this year, some of which have now ceased operation. The ones which are now no longer being updated are, John Simm PR and Torchwood PR. This was a joint decision by myself, and the 2 blog's originator being BadWolf. I would have liked to have been able to continue these with BadWolf, but unfortunately time became a factor for both of us. These 2 now redundant blogs will remain online, but will not be updated any further. I would like to extend well earned thanks to BadWolf, and wish him luck in whatever he chooses to do next.

Okay that aside, here is the first of the patron contributed content. This is video which is a "piss take" on LOM and not be taken seriously, is entitled "Life On Meat". Life On Meat was sent in by Rhys from Resident Evil News. Rhys has quite a few sites of his own, they cover Doctor Who, Lost and many Video Games and are well worth investigating. The latest Resident Evil movie (the third one) features the new Sam Tyler from the David E Kelley remake of LOM, Jason O'Mara as Albert Wesker. Please sit back and enjoy "Life On Meat", I did.

Life On Meat?

Foot Note: The original of this went for around 5 minutes, unfortunately Youtube in there great wisdom decided to pull it down for copyright infringement. After doing my own search, I found this 1 minute version. Thanks for the tip off Rhys!


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More US LOM Details Revealed

Abby Eiland - Beth Mitchell (US Life On Mars)

Greetings Martians. With the filming for the US pilot of Life On Mars now completed, more details are starting to filter through. The first being that of the previously announced character "Kenmore", who I suspect is a replacement for either Chris or Ray in David E Kelley's version now has a christian name. Which is great for the character, otherwise its kind of like "Oi You!". That's pretty much how Gene speaks to his staff, well Philip Glenister's version anyway. Colm Meaney is still an unknown quantity, so to speak.

Kenmore's christian name is Edward, according to IMDB. In addition to Kenmore, another actor has been listed as playing "Beth Mitchell". Beth's character is played by releative unknown, Abby Eiland. Abby only has one other credit listed against her name, being that of a movie called "Santa Croce". Both of Abby's listed appearances are from 2007, and by the look of her head-shot she may very well be just of of Drama School as she appears very young. This is only speculation however.

Casting of the many other characters for the remake, are still yet to be revealed. You can find a list below of the characters, who are still yet unknown. As per usual I will update you all, as this information comes to hand.

Yet To Be Revealed Characters From US LOM Pilot "Hit & Run":

Beryl Raimes
Colin Raimes
Det. John Smollers
Dora Birch
Goateed Professor
Milton Kornbull
Officer #1
Woman/Sam's Mom
Young Colin Raimes

'Til next time Martians peace, and if you haven't done so already remember the poll appreciates your input.



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