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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Will the real "Life On Mars" please standup?

Strange title, yes? Well the answer to question is already known, the BBC version of the show is the original and is also the real one. Why am I stating the obvious, well because by the end of this year, there may very well be two versions of the show. I have held onto this information for a while, as it has been posted elsewhere on the web. David E Kelly writer of shows such as Ally McBeal, The Practice and Boston Legal is preparing an American re-imagining (I hate that word) of Life On Mars.

The show at present is in development stages. A pilot has been commisioned, and one cast member has already been confirmed. Rachelle Lefevre from "What About Brian", has been cast as the female lead, presumably as Annie Cartwright. According to other sources, the show mirrors the UK version but is instead set in Los Angeles. Also, it is apparently set in 1972 not 1973. In knowing this, and also for that fact that the show will be broadcast in June 2007, I imagine Sam will be from 2007 and not 2006. This would make Sams journey 35 years into the past, and not 33 as in the UK version.

I personally don't mind remakes of shows, if they are originally done in a different language. It makes sense and better viewing, than posting subtitles all over the screen. Doing a remake in the same language though, is insulting to the original in the very least. The US have bastardised many UK shows in the past, Coupling, The Office, Queer As Folk, just to name a few. Really what is the point, both countries speak English. Although David E Kelly is quite high profile, he is famous for original material, not re-writes.

This will be a total load of crap. Life On Mars (the UK Version) is screened in America anyway, and has won an international Emmy Award. The Emmy's are a US award, so on one hand they are saying they love the show, on the other its just not good enough. I personally encourage fans of the show to write to ABC Television in the US and tell them what you think about it.

Over the next week I will commence adding polls to the site. One of the first ones will be about this, in the mean time I invite everybody to reply to the post to offer there own opinions. After that, and the poll I will post the results. Before I go, I would like to leave you with the old addage "If it aint broke, don't fix it!"



Thursday, February 22, 2007

Season Two Episode Two - Part Three (The Breakdown)

Hello people, here we are back again with some more chatter about BBCs' "Life On Mars". Although this post is later than expected, I just make it. Didn't I? No I didn't, I apologise. This post has had several edits, more than expected. Next time, it'll be on time. Today we analyse episode two, which screened at 9.00PM (20.02.2007) on BBC One and last week at 10.00PM (13.02.2007) on BBC Four.

In this episode we find both Sam and Gene, running into their mentors respectively. Genes' boss SI Harry Wolf (Kevin R McNally) and Sams' yet to be superior, DC Glen Fletcher (Ray Emmet Brown). The team find themselves investigating Genes' old boss, after being tipped off initially by a prisoner, Dickie Fingers (Steve Evets). Gene, of course is in disbelief.

Annie, as expected is welcomed into her new position of WDC, by the boys with a series of taunts (more than likely headed by Ray, but not disclosed). This is done by topless calendars, being dumped on her desk. Sam and Chris get sent out one the streets, to find out what the word is on Dickie Fingers after he mysteriously escapes from jail.

Chris ends up having to get dragged away from a transvestite, by Sam during their inquiries. Sam has further contact with the people from Hyde, and at one stage decides to contact them instead of waiting for them to call. Once he has made contact, he is immediately told he is breaking the rules, and not to do it again.

Without spoiling the ending for those who are still yet to watch this episode, Sam creates a paradox for himself by becoming responsible for his own police training up until he becomes DCI (2006). We also end with an additional link to Doctor Who and Torchwood, writer Chris Chibnal pens this episode.

Until next time, when I will be on time.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Season Two Episode Two - Part Two

Back again, as we look forward to BBC Ones' first screening of the second episode the 5 more as promised. Enjoy.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Season Two Episode Two - Part One

As promised guys, here are some stills from the episode. I will post another 5 images when I get home this evening. Remember, episode breakdowns will appear the day after. Until this evening, enjoy. . . . .

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Friends of Life On

Hello everybody,

As you may have noticed, I have made a few ammendments to the site. Mainly in the links area. They have now been split into "Life On Mars" specific, and non-specific. I have finally given, the recognition they deserve even though they are not a Life On Mars site. At present though, news seems to be crossing over between the world of Doctor Who and Life On Mars, so I felt it appropriate.

Secondly, I've added links to related sites for our glorious cast. A special thank you to Lisa, from Lisa has an excellent site well worth your investigation, every bit as much as its worth Gene Hunts. I would also like to say hi to POP, who has been frequenting here and has just opened his own blog. Doin' well dude, and thanks for the link.

Finally I would like mention, I have caved in and placed advertising on the site. This has been done in an attempt to finance additional features, which are generally charged for not to annoy people. As promised in the previous post, I will be adding some more screen captures of show. These will be of Episode 2, and will be up tomorrow. The episode breakdown will appear on the 21st.

To all the Lifers who have already seen the episode, I'm sorry but I am doing this for the benefit of all the people out there who have not gone digital yet. I will also be from now on, labeling posts as well so they can be viewed according to topic. Until next time.

"You should see my Playstation scores"


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Free Mars Anyone?

BBC Four are currently running an online competition for residents of the UK, where by you have a chance to win the DVD Boxset of Season One, plus the soundtrack CD and a behind the scenes book (more than likely the book, mentioned in the previous post). The competition is open from now until the 13th of March 2007, so come on Lifers get it together and head on down to and enter.

As you may have noticed, I have not posted any episode critique of episode two. I have done this on purpose, so as not to spoil the story for it its BBC One premiere on the 20th. I will though, post some more screen dumps of the episode, as a bit of a tease. Sorry, that's just me.

This Week On Mars

Greetings Lifers,

This week we saw the season premiere on BBC ONE (IN COLOUR) at 9.00pm on Tuesday, closely followed by the second episode on BBC FOUR (ALSO IN COLOUR) at 10.00pm. We were also lucky enough to have the release of the first "Life On Mars" companion book on Monday (12.02.2007). The book is available now at the BBC Shop, for the rather reasonable price of 12.99. It contains a hidden cover, under the dust jacket revealing that it is actually the "1973 Life On Mars Annual", cool touch.

As well as being spoiled by these, the 19th of February 2007 sees the release of the "Life On Mars" Soundtrack CD. Below you will find a track listing of the CD. In addition to music from 1973, the CD also contains some dialogue from the show (more than likely suitable for message tones). The tracks go as follows . . . .

Introduction - Dialogue - King Of The Jungle - Various Artist
Life On Mars? - David Bowie
Street Life - Roxy Music
Live And Let Die - Wings
10538 Overture - ELO
Tokoloshi Man - John Kongos
Devils Answer - Atomic Rooster
Rock On - T-Rex
Little Bit Of Love - Free
Jungle Lion - The Upsetters
Brief Interlude - Dialogue - Armed B******** - Various Artist
Blockbuster - Sweet
Cindy Incidentally - The Faces
Snow Flower - Ananda Shankar
Coz I Luv You - Slade
One Of The Boys - Mott The Hoople
Meet Me On The Corner - Lindisfarne
I Can't Change It - Frankie Miller
Whiskey In The Jar - Thin Lizzy
I Had A Dream - Audience
Traveller In Time - Uriah Heep
I Wish I Knew - Nina Simone
Epilogue - Dialogue - I Want To Go Home - Various Artist

The DVD set for season two will be released on the 9th of April. This will be followed by the complete series boxset (seasons 1 and 2) later in the year, released on the 24th of September. Both sets are currently availble for pre-order at, and of course 'til next time, keep pondering HYDE 2612.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Season Two Episode One - Part One (The Breakdown) [FKA "Season 2 - Episode 1"]

With a huge round of applause, DC Sam Tyler (John Simm) and DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) returned to our screens once more, for 2007's season premiere of "Life On Mars". The first episode seems to have created more questions, than answers for fans. In the titles for the show, Sam asks himself the question "am I mad, in a coma or back in time". Well the back in time part now seems to be expanded on, to a degree.

During the episode, Sam recieves another of his "mystery calls". The caller informs him "his assignment is nearly over", this perplexs Sam and he calls the operator to find out who the last call was from. The response he gets is "HYDE 2612". My instant thought on this was, a place and a date ie: Hyde on the 26th of December. It could quite as easy just be a phone number though, only time will tell.

Sam also became an inventor, without actually intending to become one. The famous "Stinger", basiclly just a piece of chain with nails in it, used to stop vehicles by puncturing their tyres. This did not exist in this time period, until Sam with his knowledge of modern day came along.

We see more character development, with Ray getting promoted (out of convenience) after being recently demoted around the end of last season. Annie is also promoted to DC, at Sams' request. After her pivital involvement in catching Crane, a corrupt casino owner (is there any other kind?) Will be interesting to see the trouble, she will face in an all male team (not counting Phyllis) in the coming episodes.

The episode also gave the show an additional connection to Doctor Who and Torchwood, by having two cast members play characters. Crane (Marc Warren - the man who has a relationship with a concrete tile) (DW S2) and Eve (Yasmin Bannerman - Jabe (DW S1) & Detective Swanson (Torchwood S1). Its getting to the point now where the BBC seems to be teasing fans, about John Simm being the new incarnation of the Master. First stated by the Sun, then the Independant and the no comment in John's radio interview on BBC 6 Radio.

Oh well, we can still hope and dream, can't we? I actually started one of those online petitions about it, but haven't bothered posting the address yet. Should I, will you sign it? What do you think about John as the Master, sign the reply tell me what you think. Any way until next time, the man with the "Doctor Who" surname bids you farewell.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today's The Day, We Head Back To '73

As anticipation builds for tonights UK premiere, and while you count down those precious minutes. Fill in some time by heading over to the official site (in the links list), for lots of glorious new downloadables. The BBC have posted over the last week some cool new desktops, screensavers, mobile content, samples and even 2 cool mini versions of Sam and Gene.

Some of the mp3's they have posted will be great for message tones, or even ringtones. Especially the "Pick up the bleeding phone" or the classic "She's got the face of a dog", but perhaps don't use the second one for your girlfriend (your life may depend on it).

As the BBC have put theres' up, expect downloads here as well shortly. Again I would like to thank all the guys over at, for helping me out with the site. This time its for the massive increase in site traffic, I seem to have attracted, cheers guys.

And now, the waiting game, 'til next time.

The Master - He Is . . . . . . . . . and a few more screen grabs.

An earlier post on this site, mentioned a rumour started by "The Sun" newspaper, that John was being sought after by the creators of Doctor Who to play "The Master", the Doctors' evil nemesis. Well the "Independent on Sunday" now seems to have confirmed this as fact.

It posts an interview with John Simm, which which begins
"Travelling back through the years for hit show 'Life on Mars' has given the actor more fame than he knows how to cope with. But now he reveals to Liz Hoggard a new role that will mean seeing a Doctor."

It later, goes on to say that "although the BBC is planning a spin-off to Life on Mars - called Ashes to Ashes, set in the 1980s and starring Philip Glenister, John Simm is bowing out. 'My instinct tells me not to hang around too long.'

"He'd like to do some comedy 'in warm weather - preferably on a beach. I always seem to be doing drama in horrible brick locations.' And for years he's been dying to play a proper villain or a serial killer. The problem is Simm still looks 35 going on 15, but finally he's got the chance: he's just been cast in Dr Who - as the Master, the Doctor's evil nemesis. He'll be quite brilliant, of course, but heaven knows how he'll cope with a whole new horde of obsessive Tardis fans."

I'm sure John will manage, the role of "The Master" should cover both of John's wishes - villian and serial killer. Best part of all though, John will have what every young Doctor Who fan has ever wanted . . . . . his own Tardis. Time Travelling will not end for John, for quite some time now.

Mr Simm, you are a temporal legend! And now enjoy some more screen captures.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Not Long Now

With only a few days to go, there is excitement in the air. As every fan of "Life On Mars" counts down the minutes, some even seconds until the series two premiere. Not much new to report, as most things surrounding the show are clouded in secrecy. So I thought I would tantalize all you "Lifers" with some screen grabs, enjoy . . . .

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Site Changes and Confessions

Hello there, if you have visited this before you may have noticed a few changes over the last couple of days. A new site design, as well as the addition of Life On Mars Chat. Also, some colour changes as well, done at the request of my brother because diddums claimed it was hard to read.

The Life On Mars Chatbox, has been setup for all you visitors to chat about all things "Life On Mars". If you are censored for swearing in your post, all I can say is suffer. The Chatbox is monitored by the guys over at Cbox who are creators of the plug-in, so keep it clean.

New additions to the site will occur more frequently now, as the season 2 launch approaches. My apologies are also in order, due to a previous post of a trailer, below. When I originally posted the YouTube video, I was under the impression that it was made by a fan. Well, it isn't. It was encoded and posted by a fan, but the credit needs to go to the BBC themselves. The BBC have now posted Wallpapers, screensavers, samples and even mobile screensavers (animated .gifs) of the puppet style Sam and Gene, which are absolutely awesome.

Head over to the Official Site to check them out. Part of my wish came true, I wonder if these puppetesque (is that even a word) characters will get there own site, or even an animated spinoff, heres hoping. Anyway these are some of the inconsistancies you get when you do a blog on a show that isn't even screened in your own country. That's right I'm an Australian, and the only way I found out this show existed to begin with was through the internet. I then decided to buy the dvd set of season 1 (through

Finally, I would like to thank the guys over at (another blogger site)for producing such an awesome site. This and this alone was where my inspiration came from, Cheers guys . . . . . .

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Season 2 Premiere has Life On Mars listed as Tuesday February 13 at 9.00pm, on BBC1 for its season 2 premiere. Set your PVRs, VCRs or DVD Recorders as no one will want to miss the return of everybodys favorite time travelling cop, Sam Tyler.

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