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Friday, April 6, 2007

Series One Refresher and Stuff

Hello everyone, a lot of you out there are probably thinking has he gone nuts? Me, that is. Why? Well I've just posted a new poll about your favourite Series One episode, with only one episode left to screen of Season Two. The answer to that is, no I haven't. I have done this now, because I can't do one for Season Two until its finished. I will be doing one for Season Two after the series has finished.

Anyway to refresh your memories of Season One, if it all now seems a bit vague here is a brief run down of each episode. After all how can you vote in the poll, if you can't remember what they were about. Before I get into them however, I would like to send a big thank you out to the girls over at PHILIP GLENISTER INDEX.

The lovely Fran and Paula, have kindly just linked to The two of them together run an awesome site, totally dedicated to our Phil. Phil is now "officially" cool, thanks to a recent online poll. But we always knew that anyway.

Now, the brief rundowns of each Season One episode. I will at a later date, do some much more extensive ones. That will be after after Season Two has ended, however. For the time being though, here are the cut down ones.


Episode One: We meet DCI Sam Tyler in 2006, he has a car accident whilst in pursuit of a kidnapper. When Sam awakes, its 1973 and he's only a DI. We meet his new boss DCI Gene Hunt, Ray and the "agreeable" Chris, also the lovely WPC Annie Cartwright. Sam amazingly enough, finds a connection between a murder in 1973 and the kidnapping of his girlfriend in 2006.

Episode Two: Sam and Gene butt heads over a criminal. Gene wants to plant evidence to convict the criminal, Sam thinks otherwise. A woman gets caught in crossfire, as a result of Trent (the criminal) being released. Sam mops her blood off the street with his jacket, at Genes request.

Episode Three: Sam goes to a textile factory with the team, to investigate a murder. The factory eventually gets turned into apartments, which is where Sam lives in 2006. Genes method of catching the crook, is the first to speak did it. Sam has other ideas, eventually discovering that it is not a murder at all, but a cover-up instead for an industrial accident.

Episode Four: A local nightclub owner and police informant "Stephen Warren", is using stand over tactics and extortion across the city. Gene permits this because Warren keeps the streets clean. Sam won't stand for it and sets out to put Warren away. He is distracted when he runs into his mother as a young woman.

Episode Five: Sam, Gene and Annie go under cover as bartenders to solve a soccer related murder. The team are under very tight time restraints, to solve the crime. There is a big game on Saturday, which they believe will turn into a bloodbath if they don't.

Episode Six: In 2006 Sam's life support is about to be switched off, whilst in 1973 a local newspaper is under siege. Sam's flashbacks / daydreams, lead him to believe if he saves the hostages he will save himself. He has to save the hostages by 2.00pm or the hostages will be shot.

Episode Seven: Sam leads an investigation into a death in custody, with alarming results. He discovers after digging through a web of deceit, that Ray is the cause. When Sam gives his findings to Gene, Ray gets demoted and Sam finds corruption is deep within the station.

Episode Eight: Sam runs into his father during a murder investigation. It turns out Vic Tyler is involved with the porn industry, which he does behind Sam's mothers' back to pay the bills. Sam unravels what some of his flashbacks / daydreams mean. One of them involves Annie.

So now there's no reason why you can't enter the poll. So what you waiting for, the polls under the site counter. You can do it, you know you want to. The site counter incidentally, has just past 3100 visits. Not bad for fan site, in three short months. 'Til next time Lifers / Martians, or whatever you would like to be called, peace.


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fran said...

It'll be great to have two DVD sets on my shelf as a tribute to a brilliant series. Good luck to all of us who have supported Life On Mars

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