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Monday, April 9, 2007

Who Wants To Win An Old Cortina?

News comes from the strangest of places, sometimes. In all my personal web scouring for news about Life On Mars, I seem to have overlooked this one. A friend of mine George Frangeskakis, who resides in Melbourne Australia where I live, alerted me to this fine competition.

The Daily Mail in the UK is currently offering one lucky winner (presumably a UK resident), the opportunity to win the famous Ford Cortina featured in our beloved series. The Cortina is featured in all 16 episodes of the series, and is sure to turn heads when you rock up to the next party in it. Officially the car is not from 1973, but 1975 and was given a 1973 grille to make it look more authentic, along with older number plates.

In all honesty, who would care if the car was made 3 years ago. Its been in every single episode of the series, and that's all the driver will ever care about. Of course insurance on such a one off, would be quite high. But hey, Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt chased crooks in it, so insurance would be the last thing on your minds.

Any way to enter the competition, you can either ring in to register on 0904 043 5016 (calls are charged at £1.50, with £1.00 being donated to Comic Relief) or if you are tight and don't like giving money to charity, you can also enter via email. The original article is posted here. So head on over to the Daily Mail and enter, I would if I could. 'Til next time Lifers / Martians, peace and thanks George, cheers.


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