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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Naughty, Naughty GUV!

In almost a scene from Life On Mars, Philip Glenister decided to play up to the cameras during a recent game of golf. After a few bevy's, which could of been from the Railway Arms our Phil decided to relieve himself in public. Well, pretend to anyway. Obviously Nelson never discovered the law book for the responsible serving of alcohol.

Phil, Phil, Phil, what will we do. The program, though now finished has recently received a bad rap by teachers in UK schools. The main concerns they have put forward, is its lack of political correctness. Gene's homophobic nature, is something they do not like about the show. They are teachers, they need something to complain about.

Obviously the teachers in question, must be under 25 as if they were older they would actually understand it. One of the main points behind the show, is to show people the differences between the two time periods and how far we've come. When I was in school, teachers used to complain about the rock band KISS stating they were servants of Satan. This is just really the 2007 version of the KISS complaining.

It seems now that Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister), has a line up of lovely ladies wanting to play the female lead in Ashes To Ashes. The number one bet at present, is on Thandie Newton from Mission Impossible II fame. Thandie is tipped to play DCI (2008) / DI (1981) Alex Drake. More on Thandie as it comes to hand.

Thanks again, need to be given to George Frangeskakis for alerting me to this story. Well spotted George, cheers. Maybe your brother Michael could send me something, seeing as he actually lives in England. 'Til next time Martians, peace and Phil keep it in your pants. I am sure the lovely ladies over at PHILIP GLENISTER INDEX may beg to differ though.

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