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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

LifeOnMars.TV has a little sister?

Welcome all, a lot of you out there have been speculating about where this site will go now that Life On Mars has ended. Well, quite simply nowhere and everywhere. Don't you hate it when someone won't give you a straight answer? By that I mean, this site will continue to provide you all it has in the past. The focus will however be, strictly Life On Mars. That means (BBC) LOM Seasons One and Two, as well as the new US re-imagining (which is yet to air) by David E Kelley.

As for Ashes To Ashes, news regarding this will be mentioned but only in brief. For full comprehensive news covering the new spin-off, head off over to AshesToAshes.TV, for your fix of all things 1981. AshesToAshes.TV will cover the further adventures of Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) as well as Alex Drake (yet to be cast). So look at the two sites this way LifeOnMars.TV is the Sam Tyler Site (1973), AshesToAshes.TV is the Alex Drake Site (1981).

In other site news, I'd like to welcome the addition of LIFE ON MARS PR, this is a site created by Pop not myself (who is a frequent visitor as well as being a Blog partner with TORCHWOOD PR). Cheers Pop, I hope all goes well.

You may also notice a new addition to the site being, "Cyber Sites" well this explains itself. They're all sites by yours truly. Also there is now a LOM role playing site LifeOnMars RP, so head on over and check it out. A lot of the main characters have been taken, I'm Nelson (if any one's wondering) so be quick or you could end up being "Sticky Dickie Fingers" or DCI Morgan (the who destroyed Sams world).

I also need to mention the Season One site poll, in the links bar. The poll will close at the end of the month, so if you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for. For your convenience, there is a brief episode Breakdown of each episode linked underneath the poll for those who's memories are starting to behave like Sam Tyler's. Full Series One breakdowns, will be added shortly, along with a new Season Two poll. So come on guys, start clicking, you know you want to. . . . .


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