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Monday, March 19, 2007

Season Two Episode Three - Part Three (The Breakdown)

G'day Martians / Lifers, its been a long time in between posts. The last week has been very hectic for me, but hey I'm not going to bore you with the details of "Life On Rob Cyberman". This sites' about everyones favourite time-travelling cop show, Life On Mars.

So, episode 3. The episode starts at a suspected bomb site, which for the time was quite normal in the UK. Gene suspects the IRA's involvement. Sam, annoyed by Genes presumptions, suggests investigating Val Doonican. He doesn't believe Gene, that its the IRA or a bomb. Gene starts pointing fingers at the local Irish community. No Irish man is safe from genes' quest.

Sam says he'll go over to the car, and Ray pipes up saying that he's only doing this to impress Annie. After a war of words between the two of them, Ray eventually decides to go over to the car instead. Just as Ray gets near it, it goes off. This injures Ray, but only mildly.

This event makes the team even more determined to solve the case and catch the crims involved, as soon as possible. Annie again pays out on Sam about the fact that they are a team, and are supposed to working with each other and not against each other.

Ray although injured, continues to help the team, but appears scattered. Sam suspects he (Ray) is suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Without spoiling the ending, the case gets solved (obviously). Is it the IRA? You would have to have watched to know.

For all of the Doctor Who fans that also visit the site here, we now have another connection to the show. This time not involving shared actors, writers, producers or anything physical. Right at the very start of the episode, when the team are at the scene of the bomb threat. Sam says something, what he says is "trust me on this".

This is the same line as what Pete Tyler (Rose Tyler's Dad in Doctor Who from the parallel universe) says in the 2 part Cyberman story from last season. If you didn't know already, Sam Tyler was originally going to be called "Sam Williams". This change happened at the request of Kudos, and was made by Matthew Graham.

Graham came up with "Tyler", after consulting his daughter. His daughter just happens to be a Doctor Who fan. The breakdown of episode 4, will be posted tommorrow. Until then remember, your car keys have many purposes.


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