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Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Site Features and stuff

Hello again. So does it look different? It should. Besides the obvious new addition being a picture, that picture is actually a link to a web album. The kind people over at Picasa, have decided that all Blogger web sites like this one will get a free image site as a backup. One of the cool features of this, is the fact that all blog images posted instantly get turned into a web album. I'll be doing one for's sister site Torchwood PR, as well.

Other new developments include the site being now viewable on mobile phones (cellphones for our US visitors), equipped with GPRS. The site even retains its template, the only difference between viewing it on a PC, as opposed to it being viewed on a phone is that the chatbox and Youtube videos won't display. The sidebar will also get placed after the posts. Instead of next to them, like below.

In addition to all this, our LOM poll (about the US Version) will be closing this week on the 31st of march 2007. So if you haven't voiced your opinion yet, you haven't got long. At this stage, the results seem certain. But hey, there is still quite a few days left. Sometimes strange things happen, like having a car accident and waking up in 1973 for example.

Also you may have noticed, this site has finally surpassed 2000 visitors. The correct amount should be around 400 more hits than what is is listed, what you see is actually the second site counter. I did not reset it, to take into account previous visits. But hey I'm only human (sort of). 'Til next time time Lifers / Martians, peace.


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