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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Season Two Episode Four - Part One (The Breakdown)

Yeah, yeah, I know excuses, excuses. What can I say, I know its late, you know its late. Its just late, but its here. Here goes.

A very strange episode indeed, with Chris learning some dating tips from Sam. Chris also learns what a "Vou la vent" is from Ray, go Ray! Any way the episode starts with Sam dreaming he is a child again. In the dream he sees himself being cared for by his Aunt Heather. Heather is a "Beauvoir Lady", no not a prostitute, something similar to a Avon Lady.

After this, we skip across to an old rubbish dump, where the body of a young woman has been found. There are a group of children playing in the dump, playing "Doctors & Nurses" that is. The kids stumble across the body and report it, one of the children appears to have Turrets Syndrome, and starts swearing very randomly.

The body is that of another "Beauvoir" Lady, by the name of Sandra. The team take the body back to the morgue for an autopsy. It is then revealed that Sandra was clasping a red geranium in her hand. This is instantly taken as being, a calling card from the killer. The geranium had been used before by a murderer, who used the name "Mank the Knife".

Mank the Knife, had been caught five years earlier. He had also died in prison. Gene interprets this as they jailed the wrong man, Sam looks at this in a different way. He thinks its a copycat killer, a concept Gene had not even considered.

Shortly after this, we find a girl being thrown out of a red sports car. Who we soon discover, is also a Beavoir lady by the name of Sandra Williams. Sam runs to her aide, but gets resistance from Sandra about who was responsible. Sandra seems scared to reveal who drove the car, she then disappears when Sam goes to buy her drink.

It turns out that Mank the Knifes' lawyer, had purchased a car form Roger Twilling (a high profile businessman). Sam and Gene think Manks' lawyer, disclosed the geranium "calling card" part to Twilling, and begin some reconnaissance. Sure enough the red car turns out to be Twillings.

Annie and Sam go under cover to meet Twilling, they use the names Tony and Sheree Blair. Twilling invites the "Blairs" to a cocktail party. After this Sam has further words with Sandra Williams, who then explains the Wife Swapping or Swingers parties to Sam.

Annie and Sam arrive at the party, and not long after Gene gatecrashes with an asian prostitute (Suki). Sam is speechless, Twilling nearly decides to end the whole thing but has a discussion about it away from the Blairs and Gene (Gordon Brown). Twilling decides to let them stay, much to their amazement.

After the party, they bust Twilling and bring him in to the station. Twillings lawyer makes various threats to Sam and Gene. Twilling gets released. While all of this is going on, Annie bugs Twillings' car. They later go back to Twillings house to try and get him again.

If I say any more the ending will be spoiled, so lets just say that the ending is not what you expect. To those of you that have seen it already, I'm sorry this is only relly for those who haven't. I have made a lot of promises of late, about this site, sadly I haven't stuck to many of them. I am not going to say when the episode five review will go up, just that it will be soon. 'Til then, Cyberman out . . . .


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