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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Double LOM Tuesday N' Stuff.

Good news for Lifers / Martians across the UK this week, with a return to Double LOM Tuesday. Life On Mars will be screening at 9.00pm on BBC1, then 10.00pm on BBC4. This week though, a a bit of a change. Instead of BBC4 playing episode 5, which would follow from what they have done previously. They are repeating episode 3, for those of you that missed it.

I will continue to hold back my review for this reason. Instead, an episode review for episodes 3 and 4, will appear on either Wednesday or Thursday (time permitting) of this week. So if you missed Ray coppin' it, you have another chance.

Also, if you are still yet to enter BBC4s' competition, it finishes this Tuesday. So head on over to the BBC4 website, or miss out on a golden opportunity. All you have to do is answer this simple question, "Life on Mars star John Simm played which real-life musician in the film 24 Hour Party People?".

In site news, the poll is not turning out well for Mr David E Kelleys "re-imagining". I will be posting further information about this version, later in the week. For the time being, if you've been slack the poll is at the top of the page, voice your opinion. I think you know mine. The poll closes at the end of the month.



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