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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Season Two Episode Five - Part One (The Breakdown)

Yeah, late again sorry. You'll be surprised by the next post after this though. Any way episode five, here it is.

The episode starts off with Sam asleep again, nothing new there. This time though his hallucinations / dreams, step up to a new level. Sam imagines he is a puppet or a jack-in-the-box, fans of the show will remember getting glimpses of this in the trailers leading up to the season two launch. I am still praying that these stylized versions of Sam and Gene, end up as figurines (as they are damn cool).

The condition Sam is in, is apparently due to an accidental overdose of medication whilst in his comatose state in hospital in 2006. Sam sees himself as speeding, and because of this decides to take a back seat in their present investigation. Both Annie and Chris get some further character development in the episode. Annie stands up to Gene, while Chris develops a spine and actually stands up for himself for a change.

The plot of the story revolves around a kidnapping of two women, and a failed suicide attempt by another police officer who also happens to have the name Sam. When "Suicidal Sam" decides to try and hang himself from a light fitting, Sam Tyler barges into the room grabs Gene by the scruff of the neck, and starts paying out on Gene. The scene in itself is almost like a complete role reversal for the two, with Gene being threatened by Sam just to be different.

The kidnapper makes his demands to "Suicidal Sam", over the return of his wife and daughter. This for a change is not money as expected, but the release of a prisoner who is currently serving time for murder. The murderer was responsible for killing his own girlfriend, and the age of "Suicidal Sam's" daughter coincidentally happens to be the same as the dead girlfriend.

Annie goes over the old case involving the murderer. She realizes that mistakes had been made, and informs Gene. Gene doesn't want to hear he's wrong, and Annie imagines she'll get demoted over it. Without destroying the end for those who haven't seen it, Sam (the suicidal one) gets his wife and daughter back. The episode will surprise you, as its ending suggests something else is going on as well which Sam and Gene only pick up on then.


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