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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Promise Kept! (other stuff too)

We meet again. As I mentioned earlier, I have commenced adding polls to the site. The first one, you can see over in the links panel. I would very much appreciate your input, I have a fair idea which way voting will go already, but hey I'm only human (maybe Human 2.0) I could be wrong.

As well as this, a frequent visitor to "Pop" (you may have noticed the chatbox visits) has personally requested I contribute to a new site. The site is called TORCHWOOD PR and dedicated to the Doctor Who spinoff TORCHWOOD (which is an anagram of DOCTOR WHO). I guess changing your surname by deedpol to Cyberman, will do it. Being a fan of those 2 shows, helps as well.

It does make sense though, to get contributors from all around the world. News happens 24/7, and doing this (sourcing people from other countries, I mean) ensures you guys get news earlier.

Now back to LOM, the next couple of days will see some more screen dumps as teasers for you. More will be included this time around, for episode 3 I will be putting up 15 pics instead of 10 like I did for episode 2. I am doing this because I know all you die hard "Lifers / Martians" missed out this week because it wasn't aired. See how good I am to you?

Before I sign off, I would like to mention again the poll. I have included an "OTHER" option in the voting, if it is abused (ie: you swear, write something abusive or just plain stupid or unrelated) it will be the last time it appears in polls here.

For now though, the countdown has commenced for this weeks BBC One premiere of episode 3 and lucky digital viewers' premiere of episode 4, on BBC Four. See you all soon, 'til then I'm in HYDE-ing.


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