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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Will the real "Life On Mars" please standup?

Strange title, yes? Well the answer to question is already known, the BBC version of the show is the original and is also the real one. Why am I stating the obvious, well because by the end of this year, there may very well be two versions of the show. I have held onto this information for a while, as it has been posted elsewhere on the web. David E Kelly writer of shows such as Ally McBeal, The Practice and Boston Legal is preparing an American re-imagining (I hate that word) of Life On Mars.

The show at present is in development stages. A pilot has been commisioned, and one cast member has already been confirmed. Rachelle Lefevre from "What About Brian", has been cast as the female lead, presumably as Annie Cartwright. According to other sources, the show mirrors the UK version but is instead set in Los Angeles. Also, it is apparently set in 1972 not 1973. In knowing this, and also for that fact that the show will be broadcast in June 2007, I imagine Sam will be from 2007 and not 2006. This would make Sams journey 35 years into the past, and not 33 as in the UK version.

I personally don't mind remakes of shows, if they are originally done in a different language. It makes sense and better viewing, than posting subtitles all over the screen. Doing a remake in the same language though, is insulting to the original in the very least. The US have bastardised many UK shows in the past, Coupling, The Office, Queer As Folk, just to name a few. Really what is the point, both countries speak English. Although David E Kelly is quite high profile, he is famous for original material, not re-writes.

This will be a total load of crap. Life On Mars (the UK Version) is screened in America anyway, and has won an international Emmy Award. The Emmy's are a US award, so on one hand they are saying they love the show, on the other its just not good enough. I personally encourage fans of the show to write to ABC Television in the US and tell them what you think about it.

Over the next week I will commence adding polls to the site. One of the first ones will be about this, in the mean time I invite everybody to reply to the post to offer there own opinions. After that, and the poll I will post the results. Before I go, I would like to leave you with the old addage "If it aint broke, don't fix it!"




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Anonymous said...

The US version of The Office is so much better than the UK original. Mainly because it does not have Ricky Gervais in it. Gervais comes up with some great ideas, but is so very irritating to watch in the finished product.

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