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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Master - He Is . . . . . . . . . and a few more screen grabs.

An earlier post on this site, mentioned a rumour started by "The Sun" newspaper, that John was being sought after by the creators of Doctor Who to play "The Master", the Doctors' evil nemesis. Well the "Independent on Sunday" now seems to have confirmed this as fact.

It posts an interview with John Simm, which which begins
"Travelling back through the years for hit show 'Life on Mars' has given the actor more fame than he knows how to cope with. But now he reveals to Liz Hoggard a new role that will mean seeing a Doctor."

It later, goes on to say that "although the BBC is planning a spin-off to Life on Mars - called Ashes to Ashes, set in the 1980s and starring Philip Glenister, John Simm is bowing out. 'My instinct tells me not to hang around too long.'

"He'd like to do some comedy 'in warm weather - preferably on a beach. I always seem to be doing drama in horrible brick locations.' And for years he's been dying to play a proper villain or a serial killer. The problem is Simm still looks 35 going on 15, but finally he's got the chance: he's just been cast in Dr Who - as the Master, the Doctor's evil nemesis. He'll be quite brilliant, of course, but heaven knows how he'll cope with a whole new horde of obsessive Tardis fans."

I'm sure John will manage, the role of "The Master" should cover both of John's wishes - villian and serial killer. Best part of all though, John will have what every young Doctor Who fan has ever wanted . . . . . his own Tardis. Time Travelling will not end for John, for quite some time now.

Mr Simm, you are a temporal legend! And now enjoy some more screen captures.

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