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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Friends of Life On

Hello everybody,

As you may have noticed, I have made a few ammendments to the site. Mainly in the links area. They have now been split into "Life On Mars" specific, and non-specific. I have finally given, the recognition they deserve even though they are not a Life On Mars site. At present though, news seems to be crossing over between the world of Doctor Who and Life On Mars, so I felt it appropriate.

Secondly, I've added links to related sites for our glorious cast. A special thank you to Lisa, from Lisa has an excellent site well worth your investigation, every bit as much as its worth Gene Hunts. I would also like to say hi to POP, who has been frequenting here and has just opened his own blog. Doin' well dude, and thanks for the link.

Finally I would like mention, I have caved in and placed advertising on the site. This has been done in an attempt to finance additional features, which are generally charged for not to annoy people. As promised in the previous post, I will be adding some more screen captures of show. These will be of Episode 2, and will be up tomorrow. The episode breakdown will appear on the 21st.

To all the Lifers who have already seen the episode, I'm sorry but I am doing this for the benefit of all the people out there who have not gone digital yet. I will also be from now on, labeling posts as well so they can be viewed according to topic. Until next time.

"You should see my Playstation scores"


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