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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Season Two Episode Two - Part Three (The Breakdown)

Hello people, here we are back again with some more chatter about BBCs' "Life On Mars". Although this post is later than expected, I just make it. Didn't I? No I didn't, I apologise. This post has had several edits, more than expected. Next time, it'll be on time. Today we analyse episode two, which screened at 9.00PM (20.02.2007) on BBC One and last week at 10.00PM (13.02.2007) on BBC Four.

In this episode we find both Sam and Gene, running into their mentors respectively. Genes' boss SI Harry Wolf (Kevin R McNally) and Sams' yet to be superior, DC Glen Fletcher (Ray Emmet Brown). The team find themselves investigating Genes' old boss, after being tipped off initially by a prisoner, Dickie Fingers (Steve Evets). Gene, of course is in disbelief.

Annie, as expected is welcomed into her new position of WDC, by the boys with a series of taunts (more than likely headed by Ray, but not disclosed). This is done by topless calendars, being dumped on her desk. Sam and Chris get sent out one the streets, to find out what the word is on Dickie Fingers after he mysteriously escapes from jail.

Chris ends up having to get dragged away from a transvestite, by Sam during their inquiries. Sam has further contact with the people from Hyde, and at one stage decides to contact them instead of waiting for them to call. Once he has made contact, he is immediately told he is breaking the rules, and not to do it again.

Without spoiling the ending for those who are still yet to watch this episode, Sam creates a paradox for himself by becoming responsible for his own police training up until he becomes DCI (2006). We also end with an additional link to Doctor Who and Torchwood, writer Chris Chibnal pens this episode.

Until next time, when I will be on time.


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