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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Season Two Episode One - Part One (The Breakdown) [FKA "Season 2 - Episode 1"]

With a huge round of applause, DC Sam Tyler (John Simm) and DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) returned to our screens once more, for 2007's season premiere of "Life On Mars". The first episode seems to have created more questions, than answers for fans. In the titles for the show, Sam asks himself the question "am I mad, in a coma or back in time". Well the back in time part now seems to be expanded on, to a degree.

During the episode, Sam recieves another of his "mystery calls". The caller informs him "his assignment is nearly over", this perplexs Sam and he calls the operator to find out who the last call was from. The response he gets is "HYDE 2612". My instant thought on this was, a place and a date ie: Hyde on the 26th of December. It could quite as easy just be a phone number though, only time will tell.

Sam also became an inventor, without actually intending to become one. The famous "Stinger", basiclly just a piece of chain with nails in it, used to stop vehicles by puncturing their tyres. This did not exist in this time period, until Sam with his knowledge of modern day came along.

We see more character development, with Ray getting promoted (out of convenience) after being recently demoted around the end of last season. Annie is also promoted to DC, at Sams' request. After her pivital involvement in catching Crane, a corrupt casino owner (is there any other kind?) Will be interesting to see the trouble, she will face in an all male team (not counting Phyllis) in the coming episodes.

The episode also gave the show an additional connection to Doctor Who and Torchwood, by having two cast members play characters. Crane (Marc Warren - the man who has a relationship with a concrete tile) (DW S2) and Eve (Yasmin Bannerman - Jabe (DW S1) & Detective Swanson (Torchwood S1). Its getting to the point now where the BBC seems to be teasing fans, about John Simm being the new incarnation of the Master. First stated by the Sun, then the Independant and the no comment in John's radio interview on BBC 6 Radio.

Oh well, we can still hope and dream, can't we? I actually started one of those online petitions about it, but haven't bothered posting the address yet. Should I, will you sign it? What do you think about John as the Master, sign the reply tell me what you think. Any way until next time, the man with the "Doctor Who" surname bids you farewell.

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