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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today's The Day, We Head Back To '73

As anticipation builds for tonights UK premiere, and while you count down those precious minutes. Fill in some time by heading over to the official site (in the links list), for lots of glorious new downloadables. The BBC have posted over the last week some cool new desktops, screensavers, mobile content, samples and even 2 cool mini versions of Sam and Gene.

Some of the mp3's they have posted will be great for message tones, or even ringtones. Especially the "Pick up the bleeding phone" or the classic "She's got the face of a dog", but perhaps don't use the second one for your girlfriend (your life may depend on it).

As the BBC have put theres' up, expect downloads here as well shortly. Again I would like to thank all the guys over at, for helping me out with the site. This time its for the massive increase in site traffic, I seem to have attracted, cheers guys.

And now, the waiting game, 'til next time.

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