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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Presenting Annie Cartwright 2 & Sam Tyler 2

Rachelle LeFevre & Jason O'Mara - The new Annie Cartwright & Sam Tyler. (from David E Kelley's US Remake of Life On Mars)

Greetings once again Martians, today as you can see I'm here to bring you more news about the US Remake of Life On Mars. The series which recently cast Jason O'Mara as the character made famous by John Simm, Sam Tyler. Is about to go into production shortly. Jason O' reports filming for the pilot, will commence in LA on the 14th of August and go through until September 7th.

If you are curious to see Jason in action before his introduction as Sam Tyler, head on over to Sony's official site for the latest installment of the Resident Evil series of films, Resident Evil: Extinction. Jason stars as Albert Wesker in the soon to be released movie along with Milla Jovovich, returning once again as Alice. The movie site also has an online game. Strange to be reporting about video games here but not the first time, and probably not the last. Imagine a Life On Mars video game where you could pretend to be Gene Hunt, you could get kids to mind the Cortina and threaten them with stomping on their toys if they didn't.

I can just picture it now, the characters could be done in the style of the Camberwick Green sequence and you could work your way through each episode as a stage in the game. The ultimate goal of the game of course being to get back to present day, may be even at a later stage we would see an Ashes To Ashes add-on pack. You could play just as Sam or Gene, or 2 player with the choice of the second character. If you lost strength in the game you could regain it by going to the Railway Arms. You could get hints from Nelson. Wouldn't that be great? Come on BBC the sales potential is there.

Oh sorry back in reality now, I was telling you about Jason. If you still aren't satisfied with your quest for knowledge on Jason, IMDB is always a good start. The news about the filming start date is great news, it also means we should be receiving casting confirmations shortly for Gene, Ray and Chris. After all it starts in 2 weeks time.

Well that's it for today really, but before I go I would like to alert you to a new site feature, the Ashes To news widget. What this widget does is give the news headlines from and allows instant access to the posts. Now the sister site is embedded in the links bar. I have done the reverse over at Ashes To 'Til next time Martians peace, and don't worry Rachelle Sam's shy.



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