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Friday, July 27, 2007

Two Thirds of 100 Posts Bonanza . . . .

Yes Martians I have taken up the challenge. The challenge to bring you the most ridiculous post title of all time. Have I won any medals? No? Well you can invent one for me, if you like. Alright stupidity aside, I have some long over due news today on the US Remake / Re-Imagining (wank-word of the century). After a virtual drought on information about this David E Kelly re-interpretation finally some casting news on the show. reports that casting has now occurred for the male and female leads for the show. Previously I had reported to you the casting of Rachelle LeFevre as Annie Cartwright, and then the show was stalled because of the "pilot season" in the US. The producers stalled the casting with the hope of picking up "prime" actors, after all the new shows had been sorted out. That must have now occurred as the site ( reports on Jason O'Mara on being cast as the US version of our time-travelling hero, Sam Tyler.

Jason is no stranger to playing UK policeman having had a stint on The Bill as DCI Pallister. As the show is a re-write though, the character of Sam will be a US policeman, or will he? That was strange of me to write wasn't it? Well I have good reason, Jason is actually from the UK Himself. Ireland to be precise, and has played with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Could it be that the US Sam is still from Hyde, but just wakes up in the US? We can only speculate at this stage, but more as it comes to hand. The question now remains on who will take the role of Gene Hunt, played by Philip Glenister in the original BBC version.

Now back to the stupid title of the post. I called it this because its the 67th posting here on the site, and as regular visitors to this site would know I am a bit different. After all I celebrated the 42nd post as well, didn't I? This post has another landmark to celebrate, the 10,000th visitor. Was it you? If it was I'm sorry, I don't have any prizes. As per usual, please feel free to comment on the post via the link bellow. 'Til next time Martians peace, and who will be the US Gene-Genie?



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