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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Can You Believe the Cheek of It Guv?

Greetings Martians, in the past I have endeavoured to bring you news about Life On Mars merchandise. From the legitimate "official", to hand made as well as counterfeit. I have done this for the reason that there is very little "official" merchandise available. On top of all this I commenced making desktops for fans of the site, I put out 3 different ones to date those being of Sam Tyler, Gene Hunt and Annie Cartwright.

If you would like a copy of each these, they can be located in the Downloads section of the site. You may also be aware that the Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt desktops I did 2 different versions. The originals were out of perspective, so I corrected them and replaced them on the site here.

I guess you are all wondering where all of this is going aren't you? Well one of you out there, knows exactly what I am talking about already. I'm still speaking cryptically aren't I? Ok I'll get to the point somebody has decided to take those desktops of Sam and Gene, remove the Life On logo and sell them as posters. Yes they have, you can check it out for yourselves if you like. Whats funny though is the fact that who ever did this, did so with the originals of the pictures (which were out of perspective). Pure Genius! You can find this dodgy merchandise over at A direct link is here, and if you don't mind telling the merchant that these are not his / her "own" designs it would be most appreciated.

Also who ever you are, you forgot Annie. I doubt if Liz White will be offended though. 'Til next time Martians peace, and in future all images will be watermarked, grrrrrrrrrrr.


George Frangeskakis said...

Great website Robbo but now it is time for me to see the first episode. Burn away old timer!

Bad Wolf said...

who evrs dun tht needs reporting

Fab Cards said...

And I thought the luddite was just copying me!!
If you ever read this Mr Micromoviesellon (man, what a name) PLEASE get an imagination (or life) of your own - it's sooo tedious (although flattering) to be ripped off day in and day out and day someone who is so obviously NOT a LOM fan.
PS. I took particular offence at you ripping off my prime minister quote card - that hurt.

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