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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Post That Got Stalled, But Couldn't Wait Any Longer . . . .

Well that has to be the longest title for a post so far, but there is method to the madness. From the title of this post, its blatantly obvious I have had some news to report but have been holding back on it. The reason I have been doing this, is because I was hoping to tell you something additional to what I am about to write. That was site surpassing 10,000 visitors, but as you can see by the counter in links tab it still has a few more visits to go. Any way the news.

First up I would like to report that everyones favourite DCI (Philip Glenister) finally now has his own official site Philip Phil's new site offers fans pretty much everything they would want to know, and somethings they wouldn't (just joking) want to know about our man Phil. This includes a bio, news section, contact details for if you'd like him in your next movie, tv series or even for voice-over work. On top of all this, it also contains some quite exceptional stills of Phil at work on his various different roles and in the future also promises video as well. The site also finally gives out the start date on filming for Ashes To Ashes, More about that over at AshesToAshes.TV,'s sister site.

Three cheers for Phil, and make his a brandy to go. I am certain no one will be happier about this than the lovely girls over at Philip Glenister Index, which is currently going through a site re-design. If you haven't visited Philip Glenister Index before, it is well worth your while. Although it now has competition with the official site, PGI is possibly one of the most brilliant and well researched sites on all things Phil. The administrators there Fran and Paula, also have a great forum there where you chat about Phil as well.

I have also received news about the Life On Mars (RP) Site from its administrator "Sam", yes Sam Tyler! Well that's what he calls himself, is back up and ready for your participation. I unfortunately don't get to spend a lot of time there personally, but when I do I'm Nelson. Most of the main characters have already been taken, but hey its all just fun any way. I wonder if anyone has signed up as Alex Drake yet?

On the merchandise front, still no details on the complete series box set but I am sure this will change soon. Contenders' marketing department have advised me that when they know something, they will pass it on to me. Thanks guys, always nice to be able to offer exclusive news. I have also news to report that Hot Animation's brand new website has finally launched as well, after a few set backs. I say this because they initially announced a date last month, which for some reason or other didn't happen. Oh well all of us hit snags in business for some reason at some stage. If you don't remember Hot Animation were the team responsible for the Camberwick Green sequence, featured in the Season Two promos as well as Episode 5 of Season Two. They are also known for their world wide hit series "Bob The Builder", ok so you aren't 5 years old but you should still have heard of it.

With the broadcast of LOM Season One finally completed in Australia, the next thing you would expect the Australian media to jump on would be Season Two. Wouldn't it? Well instead of that "The Green Guide" (TV Lift out from The Age newspaper), jumps straight to Ashes To Ashes. Bridget McManus (no relation to Channel 10 TV show host Rove McManus) reports the following in her weekly column "Networking".

"Life On Mars Continues

Fans of UK crime series Life On Mars can look forward to its sequel, which has a title continuing the David Bowie theme, Ashes To Ashes. Starring Spooks' Keeley Hawes as a DCI nick-named "Posh Knickers", the sequel is set in 1981. It is unlikely that the new series will air here this year. Neither will the next series of Spooks, which is quietly gathering dust in the ABC's programming cupboard."

Well Bridget you would be correct Ashes To Ashes will not air in Australia, until at least Season Two of Life On Mars is shown here. Also Bridget it needs to have been filmed first as well, or perhaps you've discovered how to travel through time yourself. Please don't tell Keeley the secrets if you have, otherwise A2A will be a one episode series. Don't you just love sarcasm?

Finally you may have noticed several minor changes to this site, itself. If you haven't, one of them was staring you in the face when you opened the page. That one is the amount of time this site has been online for, and as of yesterday has just passed 200 days. Quite good for a fan blog really, another change is the cbox is now a pop-up. The cbox change has its advantages too, the main one being that you can still have it open and go to other sites.

Well that was a truly mammoth posting, I hope you all enjoyed it. 'Til next time Martians peace, and if you are an Australian media critic don't state the obvious its not news.


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Bad Wolf said...

wow that was a nice read for early in the morning. great posting again rob.

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