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Monday, May 7, 2007

His name is Harold!

At the end of Saturday nights episode of Doctor Who, Martians had a special treat with their first real glimpse of John Simm in character as Mr Saxon (Prime Minister). In the trailer we also learnt, that his full name is Harold Saxon. During the brief few seconds John is in, he can be seen on Television as well as at number 10 Downing Street in an oxygen mask.

For fans of LifeOnMars, who aren't familiar with the Doctor Who universe, it is rumoured that Johns' character Mr Saxon is actually the Master in his latest body. The Master is one of the Doctors' oldest adversaries and is also a time lord, but unlike the Doctor travels through time and space to achieve his own goals. These usually include trying to take over the universe. Yes the Master is bad time lord, and this will be the first appearance of the character since the 1996 Paul McGann TV Movie.

In the scene where John is at number 10 in the oxygen mask, he can be seen tapping his fingers on the table. After watching this teaser - trailer several times, I have discovered that John seems to be tapping the Doctor Who theme. I may be wrong, but it certainly sounds like it. Maybe its just Russell T Davies subtle way of saying, the Master is coming back to the show. Who knows, perhaps only Russell and John. Anyway below I have provided you with 2 stills from the trailer, featuring John in character. I hope you like them, may they be the first of many.

[Mr Harold Saxon (John Simm) Prime Minister on television.]

[Mr Harold Saxon (John Simm) Prime Minister at number 10 Downing Street.]

By the way, a quick reminder about our new Season Two Poll. Its open and waiting for you vote, tell us what you thought your favourite episode was. If your memory is not serving you well at the moment, try the link below the poll to the episode breakdowns. 'Till next time Martians, peace and remember there are now 2 time lords to look out for. One more so than the other.


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