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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

TV Quick And TV Choice Awards

The 2007 TV Quick And TV Choice Awards are on, which gives Martians in the UK the opportunity to vote for their heroes in 3 different categories. It has Philip Glenister up against John Simm for Best Actor. To vote for Phil select 16 or John 31. Liz White is up for Best Actress for playing Annie Cartwright, select 35 to vote for her.

LifeOnMars has also been nominated for Best Loved Drama Series, select 15 to pick it Martians. Voting for the awards closes at midnight on June 15th, 2007 so get your nominations in by heading over to their web site The choice will be hard for Best Actor with Phil against John, decisions, decisions. The rest is obvious for fans of the show.

Any way Martians, more opportunities for the show to win gold. What more could you ask for? So who is it going to be, Best Gov or Best Time Traveller?


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