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Thursday, September 13, 2007

.................................73 or is it 72?

Cast of David E Kelley's - Life On Mars

Greetings Martians, here we are at the 73rd post on (Insert Fanfare, Bells, Whistles, McDonald's Ice Cream cake and party streamers) You would all know why such a strange numbered post is being is being celebrated here, wouldn't you? Well if you don't simply click the 'X' in the corner of the screen, because if you fall in that category you shouldn't be here in the first place. Go on, bye! The 73 / 72 in the title may have a few of you perplexed though, so I'll explain it.

The 72 part is referring to the publicised year that Sam ends up in, in David E Kelley's version of Life On Mars. Though this has still not been officially confirmed as the actual year, this is what is floating around the web at present. It could simply be a typo that's made its way around from site to site, because as we all know Sam lands in 73 in the British original version of the show. Or it may be a change made by Mr Kelley himself, all anyone can do is speculate at present.

The shooting for the pilot episode has now been completed. Unlike the UK version, the episode actually has a title "Hit And Run". Quite an appropriate one to, but lets hope we don't have similar for the rest of the series. I personally don't want to be watching an episode called "Sam Meets His Mum" or "Mom" as they say in the US. It now seems quite clear that the characters "Ray Carling" and "Chris Skelton" have been scrapped in this version, and replaced with more American sounding characters. Those being "Kenmore" and "George Randal" being played by Doug Scott Kramer and Lenny Clarke respectively.

There is also another characters name that keeps popping up as well, being "Milton Kornbull". Where Milton sits in all of this, is still unknown. More on Milton as it comes to hand. JasonO' has posted 2 pictures from the filming of the episode. These pictures have revealed some minor spoilers, the first being that Sam does not wear his trademark black jacket but a tan one instead. The second being that there is some action going on near a cinema, which displays "The Godfather" as the movie showing. A classic American police car is shown in the middle of the street, which UK fans may recognize as the KLF car (if you are into music at all). Its not the KLF car, its a US police car and was around along time before they were.

In other casting news the role of Maya has gone to Stephanie Cahves-Jacobsen. Stephanie although born in Hong Kong, commenced her acting career on Australian television in Farscape (which was made in Australia not the US [many people get confused over this]) and then went on to play a reoccurring character on "Home and Away". Stephanie will be next seen in the US tele-movie "Battlestar Galactica: Razor", which is a bridging story between seasons 3 and 4 of that series. Stephanie plays the role of Kendra Shaw in this.

Now some site news for you, Life On has just surpassed 12,000 visitors. Its spin off site for the upcoming sequel series has just surpassed 4,000 visitors. If you are all wondering why that news has its own dedicated site, its because it can! No seriously its because this site, has LOM news to report and has A2A news to report and that's all you need to know. The picture above is actually a desktop for you all to download, "Simple Kid Gifts" don't get any more ideas of stealing my stuff or I may have to purchase a plane ticket and sort you out Jay and Silent Bob style.

If any of you had been waiting for the promised Frank Morgan desktop, don't stress its still coming. This one was mainly made to celebrate the US version, having just finished filming for its pilot. 'Til next time Martians, peace and now the wait for 1972 . . .



Anonymous said...

cool post, working your way to 100 now, eh?

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cool post sounds interesting

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