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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December Catch Up.

Hello again, over the past month there has been very little (in my opinion) happening within the world of LOM. What has happened though, you are about to be updated on. Firstly some US news, series 2 is finally getting a showing over on BBC America. BBC America's screening began on the 11th of December, and will continue through January. Some interesting news about there site as well, it has recently been given a flash makeover. While it looks great, the designer has made some very interesting and consistent errors with it.

We all know that LOM is set in 1973 in the original British version, we also know that David E Kelley's upcoming US remake is set in 1972. Well now it appears that there is another year to consider, 1974. All of the way through the new site it mentions the year 1974 and not 1973 (well '73 once), I guess confusion somewhere was going to happen soon. Now we know its destination, BBC America.

Now Mr Kelley's remake. Colm Meaney was recently interviewed by, where he talks about the differences between today and 1972. He also talks about the writers guild strike going on in the US at the moment, and states that everything is pretty much up in the air with US LOM until its over. One curious thing Colm says in the interview is the word film. He refers to the pilot as a film, this could possibly mean that the pilot will be a tele-movie which are usually around 90 minutes. Good news I suppose, if its true.

While we are on the topic of of Mr Kelley's remake, at present in our site poll the amount of people who "won't watch it on principle" and the people who are "Looking forward to new stories" are basically neck and neck. It could end up a tie at this stage, but we'll run it for another week or so before I post results.

On Australian tv, Life On Mars series 1 is again being screened on ABC (Channel 2) on Wednesdays at 9.30pm. Australian viewers get a double dose of John Simm on Wednesday at the moment, with Sex Traffic screening after it. UKTV in Australia has just finished there screening and has also posted winners to there series 1 DVD competition. Congratulations to those that won, to the people that missed out EZYDVD has just re-released the original series at a a cheaper price. The set can now be picked up for the extra cheap price of (AUD)$39.83, weird price point but much cheaper all the same. The question Australian fans are now wondering, is when will series 2 get a screening? I guess the answer to this is only know by the ABC, I will update you all when more comes to hand.

Happenings on the A2A front are starting to pour in now, but all A2A is covered by by so head on over there for your fix. 'Til next time Martians, peace and may you all have a happy Christmas or what-ever you chose to celebrate. Hey that was PC, we can't have that can we?


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