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Thursday, November 1, 2007

US LOM Pics & Stuff

Hello again all, a while back I posted a link to to Jason O' to show you stills from the filming of David E Kelley's version of Life On Mars. I did this because I did not have authority to post the pictures myself at the time. The pictures were actually from another website again, called "EVERYDAY ANGELENO". Well thanks to the site owner, Siobhan I am now able to bring these to you directly myself.

At this stage, these seem to be the only pictures posted on the web (that I can find) for the remake. If anyone out there is aware of others, they will always be welcomed here. For time being though, enjoy Siobhan's pictures. By the looks of it, David E Kelley has made a few changes other than simply changing the location and the year Sam ends in. In the original BBC version Sam has a black leather jacket (which apparently John Simm decided to keep as souvenir, or so rumour has it) but in Kelley's version its suddenly become tan. Gene has a brown coat in the BBC version (which I don't think Philip Glenister kept, maybe this is a question we could ask him), but as the pictures provided by Siobhan don't seem to show Colm Meaney. I guess we will have to wait to see how Gene looks stateside.

(David E Kelley's "Life On Mars" filming)

In other news, the original series (Season One) is currently recieving the old repeat treatment on cable in Australia. UKTV is screening the show on Saturdays and is up to episode 3, which screens this weekend. In addition this they are also offering 10 lucky subscribers the chance to win the Season One box set (Zone 4). So if you you subscribe, head on over to the UKTV website for your chance to win or miss out! The competition closes November 30th.

Finally some more merchandise news for you all, ever wondered if you could get the theme music as a ring tone? The theme music you know "My name is Sam Tyler, I had an accident . . . . " not the song by David Bowie, which the series took its name from. That I am sure is quite easy to find. Well the theme is available from Party Mobile in the UK, if you want it you can get it by clicking the site name. The ring tone costs £3, but well worth it if you were after it.

I've done a lot of typing in the last two days for this site, and I hope you all appreciate it. One final thing though I would like to say is sorry to Fran from Philip Glenister Index. Fran recently came out to Australia for a week, and I was looking forward to actually meeting her, but sickness and phone problems prevented this from happening. Oh well maybe some day I will actually make it to the UK. Any way Fran, hope you had an excellent trip and have fond memories of OZ for a while to come.

Next up I will be paying some attention to's sister site, I have quite a bit to post there, so keep checking back. 'Till next time Martians peace and may posts have not such a long gap in between them, cheers.


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