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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More US LOM Details Revealed

Abby Eiland - Beth Mitchell (US Life On Mars)

Greetings Martians. With the filming for the US pilot of Life On Mars now completed, more details are starting to filter through. The first being that of the previously announced character "Kenmore", who I suspect is a replacement for either Chris or Ray in David E Kelley's version now has a christian name. Which is great for the character, otherwise its kind of like "Oi You!". That's pretty much how Gene speaks to his staff, well Philip Glenister's version anyway. Colm Meaney is still an unknown quantity, so to speak.

Kenmore's christian name is Edward, according to IMDB. In addition to Kenmore, another actor has been listed as playing "Beth Mitchell". Beth's character is played by releative unknown, Abby Eiland. Abby only has one other credit listed against her name, being that of a movie called "Santa Croce". Both of Abby's listed appearances are from 2007, and by the look of her head-shot she may very well be just of of Drama School as she appears very young. This is only speculation however.

Casting of the many other characters for the remake, are still yet to be revealed. You can find a list below of the characters, who are still yet unknown. As per usual I will update you all, as this information comes to hand.

Yet To Be Revealed Characters From US LOM Pilot "Hit & Run":

Beryl Raimes
Colin Raimes
Det. John Smollers
Dora Birch
Goateed Professor
Milton Kornbull
Officer #1
Woman/Sam's Mom
Young Colin Raimes

'Til next time Martians peace, and if you haven't done so already remember the poll appreciates your input.



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