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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The 80th Post

Sorry once again Martians for the lack of posts. For the last couple of weeks I have been very sick with the flu, and have not really felt like doing anything other than sleeping. Thankfully I am now over that, and ready to bring you all the news you've all been waiting for (I hope). In the interim (during my sickness) many site patrons have forwarded video's, pictures and there get well soon messages to yours truly. Thank you all, it has been most appreciated.

As you all would be aware I have taken on many blogs during the course of this year, some of which have now ceased operation. The ones which are now no longer being updated are, John Simm PR and Torchwood PR. This was a joint decision by myself, and the 2 blog's originator being BadWolf. I would have liked to have been able to continue these with BadWolf, but unfortunately time became a factor for both of us. These 2 now redundant blogs will remain online, but will not be updated any further. I would like to extend well earned thanks to BadWolf, and wish him luck in whatever he chooses to do next.

Okay that aside, here is the first of the patron contributed content. This is video which is a "piss take" on LOM and not be taken seriously, is entitled "Life On Meat". Life On Meat was sent in by Rhys from Resident Evil News. Rhys has quite a few sites of his own, they cover Doctor Who, Lost and many Video Games and are well worth investigating. The latest Resident Evil movie (the third one) features the new Sam Tyler from the David E Kelley remake of LOM, Jason O'Mara as Albert Wesker. Please sit back and enjoy "Life On Meat", I did.

Life On Meat?

Foot Note: The original of this went for around 5 minutes, unfortunately Youtube in there great wisdom decided to pull it down for copyright infringement. After doing my own search, I found this 1 minute version. Thanks for the tip off Rhys!


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