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Monday, June 4, 2007

Life On Desktop 3 - Annie Cartwright

Greetings Martians, the news seems to have slowed down a bit of late. So what do you do when theres' no news to report? You attempt to keep people interested in other ways, the current method has been the release of several desktops. Well you now have number 3 to add to your collections.

Number 3 is none other Sam's 1973 sweetheart, WPC / WDC Annie Cartwright played by the georgeous Liz White. In addition to Annie, the previous ones have been revised, remixed, rehashed what ever you want to call it as well. When they were first posted, they were slightly out of perspective. This has now been corrected, so if you have the originals delete them and get the new versions. Or keep them if you want to, I doubt they will become collectors items however.

Lastly I would like to thank the people who commented on the last post, the feeling seems to be that you would like to see one of the whole team. Consider it done, after that, the following one will be Frank Morgan. After that who knows. I would still like to continue my request, for you all to nominate the following desktop after Frank. Please do this by clicking the comments link under the post and voicing your opinion. Remember people I do listen to your ideas, the next one will be evidence of that.

'Til next time Martians, peace and who took my Party Seven?

Annie Cartwright 800x600 (Click to enlarge)


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