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Friday, January 26, 2007

Minor Stuff (SORT OF)

BBC Canada has already announced, it will start to screen the second season of "Life On Mars" in February 2007. At this stage the tentative date is February the 28th, this is very strange in my view that a sister channel of BBC in another country will get it before the UK, or will it. I guess we just have to wait a bit more, to find out.

This last week the official site has gone through a major overhaul, changing from simple html to a Flash based site. Looks wicked too, by the way and very much worth checking out. Besides this, the BBC has released a press release of their "BBC1 winter - spring schedule" for 2007. Below is an excerpt from it, which contains some minor plot spoilers.

"During this second and final series, Sam comes face to face with a couple of ghosts from his “future past”: sleazy casino owner Tony Crane (Marc Warren) and his own mentor, Chief Inspector Glenn Fletcher (Ray Emmett Brown) – although he is just a fresh-faced new recruit in 1973. Among the storylines, a spate of bombings gives Gene an excuse to harass some of the local Irish community, and the “invite-only” parties of a middle-class suburban couple lead the boys to indulge in some interesting “undercover” work."

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